The Ericksonian Monographs: Number 1
Elements and Dimension of an Ericksonian Approach

Edited by Stephen R. Lankton


Forewordby Kristina K. Erickson
Editors Preface: Elements and Dimension of an Ericksonian Approach: preview of the contents of this volumeby Stephen R. Lankton


Elements of an Ericksonian Approachby Carol H. Lankton
Memory and Hallucination (Part I): The Utilization Approach to Hypnotic Suggestion by Milton H. Erickson with Introduction, Commentaries, and Discussionby Ernest L. Rossi
Certain Principles of Medical Hypnosisby Milton H. Erickson
Hypnotic Suggestion for the Control of Bleeding in the Angiography Suiteby William O. Banks
A Cybernetic Model of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy: One Hand Draws the Otherby William J. Matthews
A States of Consciousness Model of Ericksonian Hypnosisby Stephen R. Lankton
Therapeutic Strategies for the Treatment of Depressionby Michael D. Yapko
An Instrument for Utilizing Client Interests and Individualizing Hypnosisby Corydon Hammond
Experience with Milton Erickson: Personal Therapy, Supervision, and Cases Reported by Former Patientsby Jeffrey K. Zeig

Book Reviews

Clinical hypnosis: A ultidisciplinary approach by William C. Wester, II and Alexander H. Smithby E. Thomas Dowd and James M. Healy
Healing in hypnosis by Milton H. Erickson Edited by Ernest L. Rossiby Jodie Wigren
My voice will go with you, the teaching tales of Milton H. Erickson Edited and with commentary by Sidney Rosenby Jodie Wigren
The silent language of psychotherapy, Second edition By Ernest G. Brier and David M. Youngby Lynn Johnson

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