The Ericksonian Monograph Number 10
Difficult Contexts for Therapy

Edited by Stephen R. Lankton and Jeffrey K. Zeig


Introductionby Stephen R. Lankton and Jeffrey K. Zeig
Hypnosis and Cancer Pain: Ericksonian Approach v. Standardized Suggestibility Testingby Hansjorg Ebell
Uncovering Resources in Patients in Medical Settingsby J. Ricardo Figueroa Quiroga
On the Social Nature of the Unconscious Mind: Pearson's Brik, Wood's Break and Greenleaf's Blowby Eric Greenleaf
Managed Care, HMO's and The Ericksonian Perspectiveby Michael Hoyt
Ericksonian Approaches to Curiosity in the Treatment of Incest and Sexual Abuse Survivorsby Paula J. Haymond
Personality Restructuring from an Ericksonian Perspectiveby Don Malon and Wendy Hurley
Symbolic Therapy: Two Cases of School Refusalby Keiichi Miyata
The Aesthetics of Hypnosis: Linguistic Patterns of Poetic Analysis, Story telling and Hypnotic Communicationby Sandra S. Roscoe
The Effects of Therapeutic Stories on Adolescent Behavior Patternsby Harry Vincenzi
How Ambiguous Are Ambiguous Tasks?by Marc Weiss
The 'February Man' Technique: Successful Replicationsby Dawn M. White
Ericksonian Communication and Hypnotic Strategies in the Management of Tics and Tourette Syndromeby Daniel P. Kohen

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