Ericksonian Monographs Number 3:
Treatment of Special Populations

Edited by Stephen R. Lankton & Jeffrey K. Zeig


Introductionby Stephen R. Lankton
The Successful Use of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy as Surgical Analgesia in an Exploratory and Operative Cancer Procedure: The Patient's Experiences and Reflectionsby Marc Weiss, Ph.D.
Pain and Pleasure: Awareness and Trustby Noelle M. Poncelet, Ph.D.
Hypnosis in Childbirth: A Case Study in Anesthesiaby Thomas South, Ph.D.
Presenting Ideas to Phobicsby John A. Moran, Ph.D.
A "Lavender Duster" Considers the "Purple Sage:" Ericksonian Approaches with Homosexuals and LesbiansSusan H. Mullarky
Charles van Riper Meets Milton H. Erickson: Approaches in the Treatment of the Adult Stuttererby Bernhard Trenkle
The Application of Ericksonian Approaches to Autistic Childrenby Keiichi Miyata
Dangerous to Self and Others: The Management of Acute Psychosis Using
Ericksonian Techniques of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
by John H. Edgette
Using Subparts in a Case of Multiple Personalityby Claude Millette
Cross-Cultural Ericksonian Techniques with Mexican-American Clientsby Dean Bathel. & Carlos Carreon
Transcultural Issues in Ericksonian Hypnotherapyby Madeleine M. Richeport

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