The Ericksonian Monographs Number 6
Extrapolation: Demonstrations of Ericksonian Therapy

Edited by Stephen R. Lankton & Jeffrey K. Zeig


Introductionby Stephen Lankton
"The First Session with Dr. 'B'" (1984)by Joseph Barber
Commentary on the sessionby Joseph Barber
Commentary on Barber's sessionby Stephen Lankton
"Accessing Unconscious Processes" (1982)by Stephen Gilligan
Commentary on the sessionby Stephen Gilligan
Commentary on Gilligan's sessionby Jeffrey Zeig
"Motivating Action with Hypnotherapy for a Client with a History of Early Family Violence" (1988)by Stephen Lankton
Commentary on the sessionby Stephen R. Lankton
Commentary on Lankton's sessionby Joseph Barber
"Solution-Oriented Hypnosis" (1988)by Bill O'Hanlon
Commentary on the sessionby Bill O'Hanlon
Randomness and Specificity in the Creative Encounter - Commentaryby Ernest Rossi
"Facilitating Creative Moments in Hypnotherapy" (1985)by Ernest L. Rossi
Commentary on the sessionby Ernest L. Rossi
Commentary on Rossi's sessionby Stephen Gilligan
"Using Metaphor and the Interspersal Technique" (1984)by Jeffrey Zeig
Commentary on the sessionby Jeffrey K. Zeig
Commentary on Zeig's sessionby Bill O'Hanlon

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