What others say about the Lanktons' books


 Took it to bed last night and couldn't put it down. Great stuff. Simple, clear, immensely practical, and I don't know another book like it. Well done!
-- George Burns, MD, Australia
author of Happiness, Healing, Enhancement,

I'm not reading it, I'm studying it.  It's great.
--Steve Karpman, MD, I.T.A.A., USA
author of A Game Free Life;

This seems to be a beautiful contribution. I was ruminating on whether I should leave my computer at home when I go on a holiday soon, but now you made the decision fall, I don't need the computer to read your book. Perfect. A very helpful toolbox for me personally.
-- Wolf Buntig, MD,
Founder, Zist Training Institute, Germany

Steve Lankton's small book is wonderful reframing is redecision.  It is such an important aspect in everyday life. It is rarely taught as a positive.  Your book is great! I love what you are writing!!!! And I love the angle from which you are looking at life.
-- Mary Goulding, MSW, I.T.A.A., USA,
co-founder of Redecision Therapy
author of Who's Been Living in YOur Head?

Lankton's insights about how self confidence and self-image can be developed in an optimal manner led to his international reputation as an inspired teacher  and more importantly, how to empower people with the tools that place them in charge of their lives.
--Ernest Rossi, Ph.D., USA
author, The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson, MD,

I read and liked it as it is simple to follow and helpful.
-- Lucy Heng, Ph.D., Singapore

This is a silver bullet! I found it fascinating.
--Pat Dugan, Global Engagement Executive,
Document Outsourcing & Communication Services, Xerox Corporation, USA

When hypnosis escapes from stereotyped technique, it frees the imagination in unexpected ways. In these Selected Papers, Stephen Lankton reflects systems theory while also expressing ideas free from restraint. His appreciation of Milton Erickson is impressive and respectful. The illustrative cases offer a comprehensive review of hypnotic ideas. The reader will find the ideas both practical and imaginative, dealing with hypnotic technique as well as such areas as family violence. This is an expansive presentation of papers ranging from the ideology of Erickson to using therapeutic metaphor in social work.
--Jay Haley, Ph.D.,
Family Therapy Institute of Washington, DC, USA
author of Uncommon Therapy; Advanced Techniques; Conversations with Milton Erickson,

Stephen Lankton's lucid and readable prose puts the principles and applications of Ericksonian Therapy easily within the grasp of his readers. It is a pleasure to share in his insights, analyses, and therapeutic approaches.
--Alexander A. Levitan, M.D.,
Past President - ASCH, American Board of Medical Hypnosis, USA

TEST#! This collection of excellent papers from Stephen Lankton reveals why he has been at the forefront of the fields of hypnosis and brief, goal-directed psychotherapies for more than two decades. These papers show the path of Lankton's growth and the evolution of his thinking, and they provide readers with an opportunity to share his wisdom. I expect that readers will enjoy and benefit both personally and professionally from Lankton's invaluable contributions.
--Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D., USA
author of Trancework and Breaking the Patterns of Depression

This fascinating book is a major contribution to understanding psychotherapy as the art of narrative. The Lanktons' masterful compendium of stories will help therapists move toward more imaginative and creative conversations with their clients (and colleagues).
--Bradford P. Keeney, Ph.D., USA
author of Imporvisational Therapy; Milton H. Erickson, M.D.: An American Healer; Aesthetics of Change

This book can be of benefit to every therapist from beginner to advanced who is interested in a practical, hopeful and realistic approach. The explanations on how to construct and deliver metaphors is one of the emerging approaches that demystifies and clarifies one of the most complex areas of therapy, while also suggestions useful ways for working with families. Ambiguous function assignments is another Ericksonian technique explained in a practical and easily applicable way.
--Cloe Madanes.
Co-Director: Family Therapy Institute of Washington, DC., USA
author of Strategic Family Therapy.

Therapeutic stories have earned respectability due to the pioneering work of Milton Erickson and the Lanktons. The Lanktons are talented therapists and teachers in the Ericksonian tradition. Their perambulation into the therapeutic process will be appreciated by those who value perceptiveness and imagination.
--Jeffery K. Zeig, Ph.D.
President, Milton H. Erickson H. Erickson Foundation, Inc, USA.
Organizer, Evolution of Psychotherapy Conferences,
author, A Teaching Seminar With Milton H. Erickson: The Anatomy of Experiential Impact Through Ericksonian Psychotherapy

Enchantment and Intervention in Family Therapy is more than a new book on Ericksonian approaches the Lanktons provide a systemic framework for understanding Ericksonian interventions through the entire process of family therapy. This book provides a beautiful balance between generating individuals' emotions and behavioral changes and looking at the larger ecosystem.
--Maurizio Andolfi, M.D.
Director, Family Therapy Institute, Rome, Italy
author of Behind the Family Mask; Dimensions of Family Therapy

This volume by the Lanktons expands the boundaries of conventional clinical psychology, incorporating the principles of Ericksonian psychotherapy, and thus presents a remarkably effective therapeutic approach. It is a treasure trove of new leanings and delightful experiences.
--Ernest L. Rossi, Ph.D., USA
editor and author, The Collected Papers of Milton H. Erickson on Hypnosis, The Mind Body Connection.

Lankton's work spells out in the most understandable fashion the basic concepts and tools of a model which could offer people a change to reclaim control of their lives.
--Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.
editor, Psychology Today, USA

It is particularly gratifying to know that 'Lankton's magic' and quick, effective interventions are tempered by his fine observations and skills as a psychotherapist.
--Eugene Eliasoph, M.S.W.
Past President, American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, USA

Can the genius of the late Milton Erickson be taken apart so that a smart therapist can use it to help his or her clients expand their options? In attempting to do just that, Stephen Lankton draws on the words of Erickson, Grinder, and others...it is well worth the trip.
--Morris Haimowitz, Ph.D.
author, Suffering Is Optional, USA

An accomplished therapist, Stephen Lankton offers a rich comprehensive model. Stephen is a remarkably capable psychotherapist.
--John Grinder, Ph.D.
Co-developer, Neuro Linguistic Programming™, USA;
Co-author, Patterns of Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

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