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I have been providing outpatient therapy services since 1974.  My background includes years of work in individual therapy, couples, group, and family therapy. My training, skills, techniques, and publications in the field span a rather wide range of approaches that include psychodynamic therapy, ego therapy, behavior therapy, brief therapy, gestalt therapy, transactional analysis therapy, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Ericksonian hypnosis and therapy (I was extremely fortunate to have studies regularly with Milton Erickson from mid-1976 until Dec. 1980), and other founders of therapeutic approaches.  My specialties include work with anxiety, depression, interpersonal problems, hypnotherapy, pain control, trauma recovery, self-image development, and performance development.

Over the past 44+ years, I have worked with individuals who where diagnosised among a wide range of diagnostic categories, demographics, and ages.  However, I treat people and not diagnostic labels. My approach is recognized for being person-centered, health-oriented (non-pathology oriented), and, of course, it is evidence-based.  A "cure" is having the experiential resources (thoughts, feelings, perceptions, behaviors, etc.) that are required in order to be successful in whichever situations or contexts a person lives and acts.  Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools to help elicit, retrieve, organize, and make available (without effort) the needed resources in those contexts or situations. 

               Occassionally, a traumatic experience interferes with using previously learned talents and learnings and inhibit the automatic (or unconscious) recall, and use of, those needed experiences; when that happens those traumatic memories/experiences inhibit the positive learned experiences that are needed to return to an easy and happy life. Again, psychotherapy and hypnosis, are useful tools for returning to full and successful functioning in life-situations.

My clinical demonstrations have been studied by professional audiences and universities around the world since 1980 and are explained in detail in several of my professional publications and books (see publications for more detailed information). I've been awarded two (2) lifetime achievement awards, for contributions to the fields of pyschotherapy and to hypnosis. 

My hourly fee for therapy is $200/hr.  I do not accept insuracnce.  I am selective regarding those individuals I accept as clients.  Please complete the forms below and submit them if you want to schedule an appointment.  I want to be certain I can be truly successful in a short period of time with the individuals I see as clients.

 Please note: I do not accept insurance.  

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