Practical Magic:
A Translation of Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming
into Clinical Psychotherapy

by Stephen R. Lankton


IntroductionPage 8-27
The Clinical ApproachPage 28-38
Basic Tools and ConceptsPage 39-76
Mapping and IncongruityPage 77-99
Change PatternsPage 100-121
StrategiesPage 122-147
The Structure of MetaphorsPage 151-168
Hypnosis and Altered States of ConsciousnessPage 169-170
Process Patterns in Metaphors of PsychotherapyPage 171-213
Concluding and ContinuingPage 214-228
Study Guide for Magic I and Magic IIPage 228-241
BibliographyPage 242-245

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Copyright © Stephen Lankton, 1996-2003..