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Tools of Intention:
Strategies that Inspire Change

Book:  S. Lankton, 2008  ISBN: 978-0-9823288-0-4, 97 pages, $14.95
CD:     S. Lankton, 2008  ISBN: 978-0-9823288-1-1, $14.95


"Tools of Intention: Strategies that Inspire Change is a practical handbook for facilitating positive self-fulfilling prophesy in your life. Stephen Lankton developed these
easy-to-learn methods in his consulting practice that spans more than three decades. His insights about how self confidence and self-image can be developed in an optimal
manner led to his international reputation as an inspired teacher and more importantly, how to empower people with the tools that place them in charge of their lives. Stephen Lankton's previous books and training workshops have shared many of these useful tools with health care professionals. In this book, for the first time, he sets forth ten of his best down-to-earth methods for non-professional readers who want to use them for their personal development. Tools is written in clear language that will be treasured by everyone interested in taking charge of his or her life."  --Ernest Rossi, Ph.D.

"Took it to bed last night and couldn't put it down. Great stuff. Simple, clear, immensely practical, and I don't know another book like it. Well done!" -- George Burns, MD, Australia

 "I'm not reading it, I'm studying it.  It's great."  Steve Karpman, MD, USA

 "This seems to be a beautiful contribution. A very helpful toolbox for me personally." -- Wolf Buntig, MD, Germany

 "Steve Lankton's small book is wonderful reframing is redecision.  It is such an important aspect in everyday life. It is rarely taught as a positive.  Your book is great! I love what you are writing!!!! And I love the angle from which you are looking at life."
-- Mary Goulding, MSW

 I read and liked it as it is simple to follow and helpful.  -- Lucy Heng, PhD, Singapore

 This is a silver bullet! I found it fascinating.   Pat Dugan, Global Engagement Executive Document Outsourcing & Communication Services, Xerox Corporation


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Assembling Ericksonian Therapy: The Collected Papers of Stephen Lankton

Stephen Lankton, 2004  ISBN: 1-932462-10-4

Jay Haley says: "When hypnosis escapes from stereotyped technique, it frees the imagination in unexpected ways. In these Selected Papers, Stephen Lankton reflects systems theory while also expressing ideas free from restraint. His appreciation of Milton Erickson is impressive and respectful. The illustrative cases offer a comprehensive review of hypnotic ideas. The reader will find the ideas both practical and imaginative, dealing with hypnotic technique as well as such areas as family violence. This is an expansive presentation of papers ranging from the ideology of Erickson to using therapeutic metaphor in social work. Jay Haley, author of Uncommon Therapy, Advanced Techniques, Conversations with Milton Erickson and others.

"Stephen Lankton's lucid and readable prose puts the principles and applications of Ericksonian Therapy easily within the grasp of his readers. It is a pleasure to share in his insights, analyses, and therapeutic approaches." Alexander A. Levitan, M.D., M.P.H., Past President - ASCH, American Board of Medical Hypnosis, Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

This collection of excellent papers from Stephen Lankton reveals why he has been at the forefront of the fields of hypnosis and brief, goal-directed psychotherapies for more than two decades." Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D., author of Trancework and Breaking the Patterns of Depression .

279 pages.  Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Publishers, 2003 $39.95

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Table of Contents

The Answer Within:
A Clinical Framework of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

S. Lankton and C. Lankton, 2008/1983  ISBN:  978-184590121-9

"In this remarkable book, the Lanktons, in presenting the structure of Erickson's hypnotherapeutic work, illuminate his genius as a psychotherapist. They take the reader set by step through the process of making a diagnostic assessment and carrying out a treatment plan based on Ericksonian principles, illustration each stage with clinical examples and transcripts. Special attention is given to the use of the multiple embedded metaphor as a modality to deliver interventions, designed on the basis of the diagnostic assessment." 368 pages. Crown House Publishers. 2008. $49.95

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Enchantment and Interventions In Family Therapy:
Training in Ericksonian Approaches

S. Lankton and C. Lankton, 2007/1986: ISBN 978-184590083-0

"While there have been many volumes describing Milton Erickson's specific interventions, few have attempted to provide a broad systemic framework to make sense of these varied techniques and to weave them together in a coherent strategy for everyday work with clients.

Enchantment and Intervention in Family Therapy succeeds in bringing to psychotherapists such a framework and fills it out with specific interventions that are described in detail and then built systematically into ever more complex combinations of interventions." 324 pages. Crown House Publishers. 2007. $25.95.

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Practical Magic:
A Translation of Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming into Clinical Psychotherapy

Stephen Lankton, 2003/1980  ISBN 978-190442411-2 

"Using language easily available to the therapeutic practitioner, the author displays a command both of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques and the actual context the therapy operates in. The result is a fortunate marriage of theory and practice. The 2003 republication includes a new forward.

The book covers a wide range of topics -- some in depth, some only a tantalizing glimpse of possibilities which therapists dream of succeeding at. The outcome is a happy event which therapist, novice or veteran, will find useful." 250 pages. Copyright © Stephen Lankton. Crown House Publishing, publishers. (S. Lankton, 1980, 2003).  $26.95.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Tales of Enchantment:
Goal-Directed Metaphors for Adults and Children in Therapy

C. Lankton and S. Lankton, 1989  ISBN: 0-87630-504-4

"In recent years there has been a remarkable surge of interest in the psychotherapeutic use of metaphors in helping individuals become motivated for action, question long-held attitudes and embrace new ideas, bring out emotional experiences, and enrich and invigorate the entire psychotherapeutic process.

In this volume the Lanktons present a broad array of actual examples of metaphors designed for different therapeutic purposes and problems. Tales of Enchantment brings together actual pre-designed stories that the Lanktons and their trainees have told in successful therapy in order to assist clients in their movement toward specific, preplanned goals. Especially valuable is the way the stories are categorized according to the particular types of goals for which they are structured." 412 pages. Brunner/Mazel, Inc. (Lankton and Lankton, 1989). $70.

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The Blammo-Surprise! Book:
A Story to Help Children Overcome Fears

Stephen Lankton, 1988, ISBN 0-945354-11-8

"All Children experience fears, and all caring parents are anxious to help their children overcome their fright and feel better. This delightful book gives grown-ups a way to help their children, and children a way to help themselves."

The Blammo-Surprise! Book is "helpful in solving problems of phobias, large and small, and is also entertaining and a lot of fun." Illustrated, 44 pages. Brunner/Mazel, Inc. (S. Lankton, 1988)

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