Tales of Enchantment:
Goal-Directed Metaphors for Adults
and Children in Therapy

by Carol H. Lankton and Stephen R. Lankton


This Part of the ForestPage 1-26
Affect MetaphorsPage 27-68
Attitude MetaphorsPage 69-146
Behavior MetaphorsPage 147-186
Family Structure Change MetaphorsPage 187-206
Self-Image Thinking MetaphorsPage 207-250
Identity-Organization and Role-Development MetaphorsPage 251-284
Discipline and Enjoyment MetaphorsPage 285-316
Other Therapeutic Procedures Using MetaphorPage 317-348
Trance Phenomena AnecdotesPage 349-378
Metaphors for ChildrenPage 379-410
BibliographyPage 411-412

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Copyright © Stephen Lankton, 1996.